Time for the last post in this series, and the conclusion to my trip in Amsterdam, at the end of Steemfest. If you haven’t seen the previous posts, check out part one, part two, and part three first!

In this set, I’ll focus on the last day of Steemfest, and the wandering around Amsterdam I did that day. Steemfest itself was amazing, and I was happy to meet so many like minded individuals, amazing artists and creators, and intelligent programmers. I am so glad I went, and very impressed with @roelandp setting the stage for the event. I can only hope there will be a Steemfest 2!



SteemFest Activities!



Like I mentioned above, during the final day of Steemfest we had a bunch of activities set out for us to do. A great day following the awesome main conference day, and a day to relax and enjoy Amsterdam. After some coffee and Dutch pancakes, I was ready to tackle the day… by, of course, wandering around. 🙂



Oude Kerk



This 800 year old church, literally called “Old Church”, is the oldest building in Amsterdam, smack in the middle of the red light district, and the hub of the last day of Steemfest activities! Myself and two other fantastic steemians @foxxycat and @razvanelulmarin, were the first to climb the tower of the church that day. I wanted to share photos of the cool church bells inside, and of course the view from the top, for anyone who missed it!



Smashed to Pieces



Inside the old church was some sort of exhibit of broken mirrors. I don’t quite understand the purpose of it (feel free to tell me in the comments if you know!), but the effect made for a cool picture, so I figured I’d share! You can see the windows and architecture of the church in the broken reflection.



A Short Tour



Part of the Steemfest activities was a short tour around a small piece of Amsterdam, with a history lesson to go with it! We followed the woman in the red hat, as she explained to us some of the culture and history behind buildings, and the explanations for the very progressive and accepting culture of the Dutch. The tour was great, and above are just a few shots I took during!



Goodnight Amsterdam



Heading back towards central station, I said goodnight to Amsterdam for the final time, as my flight would be early in the morning. The adventure may be concluded, but it is not one I will soon forget!