Now for the third part of the series! Start by checking out part one and part two first, if you haven’t seen them yet! In today’s part, I will show off my second day in Amsterdam. After a long (and much needed) sleep, @firepower, @sjennon, @kevinwong and myself ventured off to a spot recommended to me by @aizensou: Zaanse Schans. So with out further ado, here’s a quick show off of Zaanse Schans!



View from the Bridge



On the bridge crossing from the train station heading over, I had this nice panoramic view. On the right hand side of the river you can see the windmills, and on the left (which is what the closeup shot is of) you can see some of the stylistic houses in the area.



The Houses in Zaanse Schans



Here’s a bunch of shots and angles of the houses in the little town area, after crossing the above bridge. They are very quaint and cute, showing off a colourful, stylistic, and perfectionist architecture that the Dutch seem to love!



Windmills windmills windmills!





The first shot here is me trying to be a bit artistic; we wandered into a small gift shop inside a windmill, selling little windmills, with a view of the windmills. I think the area may have something to do with windmills?



A Cheese Shop



We also wandered into this cool cheese shop, and the best part was: they had free samples! There were samples of cheese, bread dip, and even pancakes. Our group kept on snacking with little intention of actually buying anything, but hey, can you blame us?



Another Goodnight to Amsterdam



At the end of the day, I wandered off on my own to check out any other landmarks I could find. Unfortunately it got dark pretty quick, and then started POURING rain. (Fortunately I brought my umbrella.) After checking out this area, it was time to say goodnight to another day in Amsterdam.