Time for the second part of this series! Check out part one first, if you haven’t yet! In this part, I will continue with the same first day, as we get into the afternoon of wandering around Amsterdam after I met up with two awesome steemians: @firepower and @steemrollin!



The Beautiful Canals



I saved this picture out from part one, simply because it’s one of my favourite pictures from the trip, and I had to make this the first image! 🙂 I remember looking down this canal, and explaining to @firepower and @steemrollin something along the lines of “You’re going to hate me stopping and taking pictures every 5 seconds, but it’ll be worth it!”

But really, I love this picture. I actually hope to get it painted!






It’s great seeing public transportation in cities. In Vancouver, we have a decent system, and I never really appreciated it until I visited the clusterfuck that is the San Francisco bay area. But after seeing the amazing train, tram, and bus systems that Europe has to offer, I am seriously jealous.

This street shot also highlights the roads: bike lanes, tram lanes, and oh, yeah, I guess we can have car lanes too.






These guys are in the Rembrandtplein, a popular square in Amsterdam. Pretty cool!



Flowers and Bikes



A bit of an artistic shot, but I felt that this photo really captures the average, alley vibe in Amsterdam. Everyone has their bikes, and people take care of their homes. Even in the winter season, they have potted flowers and take care of their homes. What a great city!



A Pier



Okay, last photo of canals. I swear I am not obsessed. (Actually no promises.)



A Bit of Night Life



I liked this store, and it gave off a cool night-life vibe that I felt around the city. Vibrant colours, and a city that does not sleep!



Goodnight, Amsterdam



On the way back to the Volkshotel, I snapped this shot, once again for a bit of an artistic point; I quite like seeing the old-style city (lamp posts, brick roads, bikes) mixed in with the new (cars on the sides).

A nice last photo before saying goodnight to my first day in Amsterdam!