Time for the conclusion of the Salt Lake City series! If you haven’t yet, check out parts one here, and two here. For the last part, I wanted to show off a quick set of photos taken while briefly touring the Temple Square. While I am not a religious person, I have always been fascinated by the architecture that comes out from it, especially churches, so I stopped by to check out the largest and most well known church of the Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



Salt Lake Temple





The largest Mormon temple, the Salt Lake Temple, is actually quite impressive! Unfortunately, they don’t let you inside the temple unless you are a member of the church, but they give a preview of the insides in one of the visitor centers so you can at least imagine what they did with all that space. And as a bonus, I came back at night to see it all lit up!



Assembly Hall




Because one church is never enough, what they call the Assembly Hall is really just.. a church. All we need now is a church within the church.



Visitors’ Center






And last but not least, the main Visitors’ Center. This place hosted museum-like displays full of artwork and information about the history of both Christianity and the Mormons, ranging from the art, to an interactive 3D map of Jerusalem, to statues — including a big one of the big guy on the top floor.

Overall, visiting the Temple Square was pretty well worth it, in terms of visual beauty and interesting history, even if you’re not religious like me. Just be prepared to awkwardly try and tell the guides that no, you do not want a bible, and no, you do not want to talk about Jesus.