In my last post here I talked about my visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Supercomputing conference. Been a while since that post, due to some real-life obligations catching up with me; the end of the school term came with a huge deadline, but also great news. I passed my Qualifying Exam, and I am now a PhD Candidate! 🙂

So, In the part one post, I showed off my favourite photography style: outdoors and landscapes. For something completely different, part of the conference’s activities was a reception at The Leonardo, a museum in Salt Lake City. So for this post, I will show off some of the eye-catching exhibits that were being showcased while I was there!










Of course, a museum dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci would be woefully incomplete without wacky, zany invention ideas — especially regarding flight! I’m really fond of the single-person wing suit, and the mini biplane, with the steampunk aesthetic. In contrast to a real plane, with all the complexities required to actually fly safely, it makes a nice juxtaposition of steampunk fantasy to reality.


The Nuclear Family



Another exhibit was a showcase of a cold-war-era home. Alright, I’ll just say it, it’s totally Fallout style, creepy vibe and all!



Tunnel of Dreams


This exhibit was a pretty tunnel, full of a design that resembled both blueprints and constellations. Balloons, planes, wingsuits, spaceships — you name it — the tunnel was decorated with different plans from different eras.



More Modern Art



Look at the goat on the right, and stare at him. Try not to laugh. Go on.



Live Demonstration



What makes an exhibit on flight even better? Why, a live demonstration of combustion, of course! Captured at the just right moment, the laboratory-getup-clad assistant shows off how combustion works with fuel poured into a small container.
Only lit for a fraction of a second, these are the times where you frantically swap to burst mode to try and get the right shot!