Today isn’t going to be much of a sequential story, but more of a theme, with standalone photos. Due to less text, I will have more photos!
My theme here is the ocean — the Pacific Ocean to be exact. My entire life, I have never lived further than a few minutes away from it, and it is an endless source of variety and beauty to me. I love the beach, the waves, the smell… absolutely everything about it. So, without further ado, photos!



A Lighthouse in the Fog



This shot was taken along the Oregon coast. This little red-roofed lighthouse stood out to me in the fog, and I thought it made for a wonderful subject.



Odd One Out



Also along the Oregon coast, this poor little seal just could not make it up to his friends. I felt a little bad for laughing (don’t worry, he got up eventually). Waves can be powerful!



An Underwater Forest



This place, near Monterey and Big Sur in California, has a bit of life to it. Under the water are these tree like plants, which wave back and forth with the water. It makes for a cool effect, but not a place I’m swimming any time soon.



A Splash on the Beach



Pro-tip. Try not to get the camera wet. Thankfully I have a zoom lens!



The California Coast





Here’s another shot along the California Coast, up near Crescent City. This spot caught my eye as an interesting geographical feature, and I was tempted to stay here to check if the tide would cover the little walkway when it is fully in. Make for a nice picnic, at least!



Santa Cruz Beach




A panorama! Yay! I rarely do these, but this one turned out alright. You’ll probably want to open the image in another tab to see it nicely.

This beach is actually away from the boardwalk and main beaches in Santa Cruz, and can be a bit less crowded (its further southwest). The little building on the left is the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. A cloudy day (I have the best luck), but a beautiful beach.



Goodnight Santa Cruz



Here’s one extra shot, not actually of the ocean, but just to say goodnight to Santa Cruz.