Time for Part 4! Told you this was going to be a long series, and I’m not done yet! If you haven’t been following along, I recommend checking out the series from the start first:

Part One

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In the previous part, I showed some art and culture around Millennium park, including The Bean and the pavilion theatre. Today I wanted to share a few more photos I took from around that area, as the park itself is quite beautiful!


By The Lake



As you might know, Chicago is right beside Lake Michigan, and what’s great about this park is that it’s right on the edge! You can walk right up to the water. One of the first things I did was go up to the water, look out, and say “Hello fellow Canadians on the other side of the pond!”

In this part of the park there were also some Cherry blossoms. I’m quite fond of these trees — they’re EVERYWHERE in Vancouver — so it reminded me a bit of home too.


Buckingham Fountain


While in a previous part I had a quick shot of this fountain, this day I actually walked to it and got some close-ups. The fountain itself was pretty minimalist, but still cool! I took enough pictures here to make a photosphere, so I need to figure out how to make one of those…





And of course, some more shots of the Chicago skyline. From the north end of the park, it really gives you a better sense of perception just how dwarfed you feel by the size of the buildings!

Two interesting things to point out here: There’s some rock-climbing structures and a¬†pedestrian bridge that goes over one of the roads. The theme here has a shiny, metallic-tiled finish, giving it a pretty cool futuristic look!


Goodnight Chicago

One last picture to share today, as I was walking back to the hotel downtown, along the Chicago River. With only a day left in my trip, I had to think about what I wanted to visit next. So where did I go? Well, stay tuned for part 5 to find out!