Make sure you start off by checking out part one here, if you haven’t seen it yet! Today for part two, I’ll continue with more pictures from my first day in Chicago. This first day, I took a tour bus, which zoomed around the city, allowing me to marvel at the skyline of Skyscrapers through Chicago. A tour bus was totally worth it — especially on the first day — as the guide gives you an overview of cool places to check out no matter what your tastes are. And as someone who loves taking shots of architecture and landscape, the vantage point on the second floor of the bus is fantastic! So, let’s get to it.

Perfect Timing

Mindlessly snapping photos of the skyline, these two birds seemed to have decided to come right into focus as they flew by. I actually had no idea I took a picture that looked like this, until I sorted through it all!



This sculpture showed up in a stark contrast to the rest of the city. Chicago has a very grey and blue colour vibe, so the bright red was pretty eye catching. Though, it doesn’t look like a flamingo to me… unless either the artist, or the sculpture, has their head in the sand.


Chicago River

Chicago is wrapped around the aptly named Chicago River, which ends in Lake Michigan. While that may seem rather boring, did you know that the river connects to the Mississippi and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico? That’s right, you could theoretically take a boat from Lake Michigan through the states and then to Mexico, if you wanted to, say, escape someone who should have stuck to making buildings.



Two other really well timed shots to show off! The first one showing the reflection of the sun on one of those super-glassy skyscrapers, into the side of the brown building. This was one of the coolest effects I had seen, with that strange glow illuminating the building’s shadow in a chaotic, yet structured, pattern.

For the second reflective effect, I caught the Buckingham Fountain at just the perfect moment, giving a nice little rainbow from the main shoot.


Chicago at Night

Exhausted from the long day, I finally retired to my hotel room, and was greeted by a pretty awesome view from my window! Looking out, you can see the Chicago River along with the cool looking bridges, and the twin Marina Towers.

Finally, after the sun set, I took some photos of Chicago at night, and made this gif! Although I had to get some sleep, the city sure did not.