Continuing with my Chicago series, I wanted to show off a little more of the Lincoln Park Zoo; this time with some of the more indoors attractions, with birds and fishes and the likes. If you haven’t been following along (and you have the spare time, as this is getting long..) check out the series here:

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So, almost done the series, with one more part to go after this. But for now, here’s part six!

Hello Fish


I’ve always been a fan of ‘accidental subjects’, and this little girl decide to be a perfect centerpiece for this shot. (Interestingly, in photography, centerpieces are rarely in the center.)


The Fishes



Here’s two more shots in the fish section. No wait, that makes it sound like I’m in the supermarket. Fish.. area. Fishes area? Wait is it fish or fishes? Help.


The Birds





There’s no shortage of birds in the zoo, each with their own unique looks and traits. My favourite was mister white mustache, who was quite friendly.



Similar to my last post, here’s another animal with a gallant, prideful pose. Yet, it’s also a little awkward. Why are you so prideful mister lizard? What secrets do you hold?


Goodnight Chicago


Walking back to my hotel, I had one last look at Chicago at night, before my flight the next day. Here’s the Marina Towers — right across the river from my hotel. The design is quite cool: the cars are parked on the edge of the towers (don’t back into the spot too far or you’re kaput!), and there’s clearly some very wealthy people with boats in downtown Chicago.