Been a while since I last posted, so I felt like sharing a recent trip of mine! Last month I went to the San Francisco bay area for a week, and during my trip I ventured out to Half Moon Bay. People around San Jose rave about how awesome the beaches are in Santa Cruz, but I found them to be overcrowded and not really that special. So visiting the beach at Half Moon Bay was a pleasant surprise; there were few people, the beach pleasant, and the weather warm (Okay, okay, maybe it’s just because I’m a Canadian and February isn’t a popular beach month for them Californians).

As usual, I bring my camera pretty much everywhere, and I think these shots turned out quite nice! But if you’ve been following me, you know I have a bit of an obsession with the Pacific Ocean, so my opinion might be a bit biased. 🙂 One day I want to see the ocean from the other side, but until that day, the west coast of North America will have to suffice. So, on to the photos!



A Bench to View the Horizon



This cute little bench on the cliffs in front of the beach was precariously perched on the edge, giving a nice view over the horizon.



Steep Cliffs



The sandstone cliffs that run all along this beach give a pretty great view no matter where you stand! Just, y’know, don’t fall.



Crashing Waves



Windy days usually aren’t fun, but warm and windy at the beach? Yes please! The waves were out in full force, just to make it fun for me.



Too Close!



Another thing you might know about me by now, is that I like my accidental subjects! Off she goes to take a picture of the crashing waves — and I get a nice shot capturing the moment.



Sandstone Dunes



Looking up at the sandstone dunes, it’s pretty cool to see the lines in them, a remnant of the past. Apparently they also can crumble, so I probably wouldn’t want to walk right underneath them…



A Walk Along the Beach



Off we go, a long walk on the beach, seemingly forever into the distance, as we travel together in search of the unknown~