I had a chance to visit a small little place called the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose. The garden is apparently based on the famous Korakuen Garden, in Okayama. (Thanks wikipedia!) From my perspective, I am used to much bigger parks, but when it comes to places like this, well, it’s all in the details. So let’s get started!



A Waterfall in the Park



Okay, lets be honest for a second. Doesn’t it look like a fire hydrant? But in seriousness, I have mad appreciation for the effort that goes into making these gardens look pristine. Everything seems planned, and has a purpose, and the end result is a wonderful scene. So taking a good picture isn’t hard (it’s basically cheating here!)



Hello, Sun



I think this was one of the first pictures where the amateur photographer in me realized that I could take a picture with the sun in the shot, and it actually can turn out okay. A cool note in this picture, there’s a guy on the right who was doing a dance photoshoot. It just so happens that it looks like he is praising the sun.



The Master of the Pond



This cute little duck took ages to decide and be still. But he finally let me get a non blurry photo of him. I like the reflections in this photo, as the colours of Japanese style trees really stand out compared to the usual green I am used to!



Under the Water



On closer inspection of the last photo, you’ll see a couple of these weird structures under the water. No idea what they were for, but they make for an interesting artifact in the pond. So here’s a minimalist shot of one of them. This picture stands out to me because it looks upside down at first; the perspective gets warped with the reflection!



Ducks Ducks Ducks



I included this picture in my first post! Now you know where it’s from. I like koi ponds, but I love organization. Look at these guys all synchronized. They deserve medals.



A View from the Porch



Just out front of the koi pond is a nice Japanese style wooden house. One of the many cool nuances I like about the culture are the lamps, so I had to try and include them in this photo.There is also a story my friend told me about the reason why the walk-ways zig zag like you see here. Apparantly ghosts can’t walk along a path that looks like that?



Trees in the Steps



Okay, enough for today. On the way out I noticed this interesting spot, where the steps down that led to part of the park, had trees all over it. It kind of reminds me of those concept arts where nature has taken back human efforts. Makes for a cool effect, at least.