Been a few weeks since my last blog post. This has been due to some real life obligations, including me moving! Over the past year or so, I have been spending my time in the San Francisco Bay Area on internships (to be honest, closer to San Jose, but its the “bay area”), so this place has become my second home. But as I now just moved back to my real home, I figured a nice photo blog post would be to show some shots of the place I just left.

Honestly, I shouldn’t even pretend this is a brief tour of SF. There’s just way too much to see and experience here, and these few pictures really can’t capture more than a glimpse. The hope is to get you just a bit excited of the big picture places, to want to go check out the city for yourself! And it would be worth it (except riding a street car. Not worth). But anyways, let’s get started.



Golden Gate Bridge


Of course. Everyone’s probably seen the Golden Gate bridge before. I’m also pretty sure it’s one of the most destroyed man-made structure in movies (Woo, special effects!). And there’s thousands and thousands of pictures of the bridge all over the place.
But this one’s special, because it’s my picture. (It’s also a bit blurry, oops. So, “special” indeed, with a nice hat.)



Ferry Building



This is the ferry building in downtown San Francisco. There’s usually a bunch of Farmers Market style shops around, if you’re interested in that sort of thing! This shot was from a while ago, so for those wondering what the gold 50 was for, it was the Superbowl last year. The Piers are also actually numbered here — this is right beside pier 1, and pier 50 exists elsewhere… so that was a little confusing to me.



San Francisco City Hall



The San Francisco City Hall. I love this style of architecture (Beaux-Arts — French, but the Americans seem to love it!)



Bay Bridge



The San Francisco — Oakland bay bridge, connecting to Yerba Buena Island, seen from the SF side.



Columbus Tower & Transamerica Pyramid



Here’s another classic shot of the downtown area, including the tallest tower in SF, the Transamerica, and the iconic green Columbus Tower, which is a designated landmark.



Under the Transamerica Pyramid



These types of shots are usually pretty cheesy/artsy, but they are also surprisingly difficult to get right with the lighting — the sun shining on the top of the tower versus the shadows in the tree. Boy, do I ever love Lightroom though… it’s seriously magic with RAW files.



The Bay



A classic view of the SF Bay area, as seen from the Golden Gate bridge. You can see the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island on the left, with downtown SF on the right (the Transamerica tower being the tallest in the Skyline)



Goodnight San Francisco



I was told from a friend that the moon distracts from the picture and should be photoshopped out. But I quite like it, I think it adds some character. Either way, the sunset here was lovely. This is the view you get from the Vista Point, on the other side of the Golden Gate.